The History of Racism in Sport

the history of racism in sport

The History of Racism in Sport

The history of racism in sport is a long one and goes back over 100 years to the early 1900’s, when civil rights were gaining ground. During that time the old white supremacist system was finding ways to stifle this progress with rules like “whites only”all white” men only.

Race has always been a factor in any sport as most sports require the participation of a dominant race. It is common to see white teams being invited to play black teams but the former is more likely to win than the latter. This is because the old white supremacist system is more likely to be applied if the team does not have a predominantly white player.

Not long ago, this old system became even more prevalent when the black leagues were allowed to enter in order to showcase talent but there were restrictions. The leagues were set up by non-profit groups, but they were not for sports participation and many people in those organizations were still strongly anti-black. For example, the head of the leagues was actually fired from the ACFA who they were fighting to have professional black basketball players in their leagues.

Such restrictive rules as those were instituted in order to force the schools into doing educational work on how blacks and whites had become such different groups. They wanted to put the word out that segregation was wrong and racial segregation was also wrong so that the country would start looking at race relations in a new light.

Another reason for the history of racism in sport was due to the role of the media. They had a strong interest in racially segregated sports because they needed a story line to keep the public’s attention on them. By combining the two elements of a baseball team and a league with different races made for a compelling story.

Now there are mixed divisions where mixed races to play against each other or where white teams play against blackteams. The history of racism in sport is gradually getting less popular now because of the positive role it played during this time. Many people had pride in being of different races so that helped society to get on track.

As these changes started to get noticed the situation was made worse again. They used their power to bring people together and make them use the right words. That is the history of racism in sport at its worst.