The History of the Harley 1200 Motorcycle

Storster Sport Motorcycle Co. is a very impressive motorcycle company based in Ontario, Canada. The company is well known for manufacturing a superb line of motorcycles. The company has been around for over fifty years and is run by James Storster. If you are in the market for a new bike, this may be the company for you.

history of the harley 1200 sporster sport

The history of the Storster Sport motorcycles is quite interesting. It all started with a pilot named George MacKenzie. He was an excellent pilot that always wanted to build his own aircraft. This is where the story of the Storster Sport comes from.

In 1885, a pilot named George MacKenzie wanted to build his own aircraft. He decided to use a type of propeller that was different from what he was used to. That was the origin of the Storster Sport. After creating the first two prototypes, the company decided to move forward with the project.

Over the next several years, the Storster Sport was tested and improved. The company soon had a successful first prototype. The company continued to make improvements and modifications throughout the years. The new motorcycles were more advanced than the original models. The only real difference between the prototypes and the production bikes was the engine size.

The original Storster Sport models sported engines that were slightly larger than that of the rest of the motorcycle market. Today, the company only produces a couple of them. These motorcycles have a rear wheel drive layout.

The history of the Storster Sport can be seen in the range ofmodels they offer. They offer a number of different bikes that all combine to give the rider a comfortable ride. All of the models are powered by many different types of engines. Some of the engines include a rear wheel drive layout, while others use fuel injection.

Storster Sport offers some of the most technologically advanced motorcycles available today. Each of the motorcycles has plenty of features that make riding safer. The company has used carbon fiber as a material for most of their motorcycles. This helps keep the cost of the bike down.

When it comes to owning a motorcycle, the history of the Storster Sport may be just what you are looking for. The company is proud to offer a line of motorcycles that have many features that are not found on most other bikes. You may be happy with the one you find if you do find one that you like.